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Everybody knows that preventing is cheaper than curing.  So then why don´t we do it more?  One reason is the traditional culture of health professionals, trained and devoted to cure illnesses.  Other reason is political.  Launching large prevention plans to society does not show results at the short run.


But when talking about individual and family prevention, there are no more answers but the poor awareness of our citizens, culturally used to rely their health in the health professionals, forgetting taking care of it somehow.  But this is speedily changing thanks to the scientific progress on health predictions and prevention.


In the University our professors used a classic example about the benefits of prevention:  It is cheaper, easier, and more effective to apply special learning methods for children with difficulties to adopt good teeth brushing habits than to take them to the dentist to fix caries.


But nowadays we can use many other examples.  We can pinpoint many biological, social, and physical stressors that expose a person to a high probability of a disease.  We can measure and motorize the physiological reactions to different contextual stimuli with wearable technology during the person´s normal life, which will give us a lot of predicting information.   It is much cheaper, easier and more effective than waiting for an illness to show up and to be detected.


Prices and special packages


Our normal prices per session (about 50 minutes) keeps those recommended by the Spanish Psychological Association and the Spanish Medical Association, ranging between 50 and 60 euros.

We have special prices for unemployed persons and persons with economic difficulties (with a reduction of 20%).  We also have reductions to families.  The first inicial sesión is free.


Our Personalized Prevention Plans (3Ps) are not subjected to price-per-session.  We make a special budget for the whole service tailored to the customer, based on his or her interests.


Prevention Health Bonus.  The φhi Bonus provides year-round preventive services.  It includes an initial complete bio-psycho-social preventive diagnose and Personalized Prevention Plans (and Family Prevention Plans).  It also includes a complete preventive check and basic preventive treatment every year. The basic preventive treatment includes advising support and orientation to the person (and to all family members) in relation to their health risks and vulnerabilities, and to their own personal development and growth. It also includes 40% of reductions in additional treatments and therapies when needed.


Until january of 2016, The PHI Bonus has a cost of 25 euros per month per person and 55 euros per month for a family of 3 members (plus 6 euros per additional family member, including grandparents).


Consult also special prices for the Clinic customers in accomodation and other services under special packages.


* All prices are based on 2015 rates and subjected to updates.



    Prevention, the intelligent health.


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Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64, Santander 39007 Spain

E-mail: info@clinic.innods.net

Tel. + 34 942790319 / + 34 626125229