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We are continuously conducting scientific research to go beyond the state-of-art on innovative methods for health prediction, prevention and service organization.   Next you can find some of the publications in this inter-disciplinary field by our international staff and collaborators:



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Our cultural and social “niche” affects our physiological development, especially through emotional adaptive patters.  Conflicting demands in our socio-cultural environment predict physiological conflicts, making us prone to specific disorders through life.  Emotional and physiological re-adjustments are possible to prevent such diseases. 


Likewise,  socio-cultural adaptive patters to a diversity of environments bring us a flexible  psycho-physiological system, more resilient to difficulties and protective to illnesses.  This physiological flexibility and strength can be trained.


from M.A. Gandarillas (2005): From Social to Cultural Psychophysiology: Walking Beyond Autonomic Balance.  Talk in the Psychology Department, Universitait van Amsterdam, Netherlands. April. 2005

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