Our Clinic for Preventive Health is aimed at reaching international excellence and leadership in preventive health services.  To do so, we continously keep a radar for the best international expertise in our fields.  We believe in new talent and in large experience and we want to invest in both, facilitating profesional development to contribute to the development of our centre.


If you think you may match well with our visión, values and profesional goals, we may be interested in you.  Please, contact us.  The profesional profiles we are especially interested in are specialists on:


· Child psycho-therapy

· Family prevention and treatment

· Aging health

· Physiotherapists specialised in prevention

· Medical doctors specialised in family and preventive treatment


We are interested in keeping a network of excellent health practitioners in the cities where our customers live, to provide treatment support and follow-up.  So if you think you meet any of these profiles and goals and you are interested in being part of our collaborative network, please contact us. 


And even if you do not meet those profiles but you think you can provide a valuable contribution to our mission, contact us.  Thank you.

Work with us

C/ Cisneros 64,  Santander 39007 Spain

Tel. + 34 942790319 / E-mail: info@clinic.innods.net

Always searching  for  the best professionals to reach the best services 


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Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64, Santander 39007 Spain

E-mail: info@clinic.innods.net

Tel. + 34 942790319 / + 34 626125229