Location and accomodation

The Clinic is physically located in a peaceful, traditional house in the centre of Santander, a beautiful city at the north coast of Spain.  The Clinic includes a nice garden and 3 rooms for those customers who choose to stay overnight in the house.  The bedrooms are ample and comfortable, and are suitable for whole families. 


Prices per person/night:            23 euros.

Children below 3 years old:     Free

Children below 10:                    15 euros.


Consult other prices for longer stays.


The accommodation includes access to the use of the kitchen, two bathrooms, one living room, and the garden.  Consult possibilities for private parking, and for additional services (meals, tours to the city and region...).





Due to the benevolent climate (compared to the hot Spain) and to a large number of hot springs, Cantabria attracted an important health tourism from central and southern Spain at the beginning of XX century .  A series of modernist spas were open on the hot springs across the region, many of them still working.  Customers of those spas would visit Santander beaches for health purposes, taking “wave bathes”.  They were the first “beach tourists”, in those times in search of health.


We will be happy to give you guidance about the city and region.

Santander is the capital of the region of Cantabria.  Cantabria has gorgeous mountain valleys with ancestral villages and green Atlantic forests, just half an hour from Santander by car.  The famous Picos de Europa is international known for their spectacular landscapes. Cantabria was the centre of the first main human cultural revolution, with many caves with prehistorical paintings. The most famous one is Altamira, the first place where Palaeolithic paintings were found in the World. 

The city of Santander and the region of Cantabria


Santander is a city with a 250.000 population. It is 397 km. north of Madrid, and 216 km. from the French border.  It has excellent communications with the rest of the country, with highways to Madrid, France, and Barcelona. It has its own airport, with low-cost companies flying to many cities in Europe.  The city has several beaches, more quite in the bay and wilder ones in the open ocean.  Santander is also a center of art and museums, with one of the best archaeological and maritime museums in Spain. 

Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64 ,  Santander 39007 Spain

Tel. + 34 942790319 / E-mail: info@clinic.innods.net

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Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64, Santander 39007 Spain

E-mail: info@clinic.innods.net

Tel. + 34 942790319 / + 34 626125229