The Clinic provides individual and family services such as:


· Complete predicting diagnoses;

· Clinical psychology services (child and adult psychotherapy, preventive treatment, personal growth);

· Psycho-social services (management and mediation in inter-personal and family conflicts, psychosocial support to victims of violence or traumas, training on social skills, vocational and professional orientation and couching) through the Relational Wellbeing Service.

· Physiotherapy

· Preventive medicine


The Clinic does not provide medical therapeutically services aimed at curing organic diseases.  Instead, the Clinic works together with those medical practitioners and services working the patient´s illness to prevent relapses.




Services and treatments

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Integrated health and Personalised Health Plans


The Clinic for Health Prevention uses an integrated approach to health services.  Working with the person, the Clinical Team addresses all the different areas of the person that may affect their life: The organic and psychological states, their habits, life expectancies, their family and social support networks, their work environment and stressors…  The preventive diagnoses will analyse the person´s and family´s health as a system with all those areas as interrelated components.  The diagnosis will assess the levels of functionality of those components and the system as a whole. 

For those customers interested, the Clinical Team will conduct a complete bio-psycho-social diagnosis in order to be able to define, together with the person, a Personalised Health Plan. The PHP will also include a programme to organize better the formal and informal resources of the patient in their own place. The Clinic will regularly monitor (via online, telephone or face-to-face regular meetings) the development and achievements of the person regarding the goals set up in the PHP.


 The Clinic will help detecting and organizing the health-related resources around the person´s community (clinical services, health practitioners and institutions, social, cultural, and sports entities, leisure services, social and family support network, personal own resources…) according to the needs and aspirations of the person set up in their PHP.  The Clinical Team will contribute to manage the collaboration between services and resources to organize and integrate them, centred in the patient, to improve cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and the person´s satisfaction with all those services.  In case the Clinical Team and the patient find that they will need an extra new medical or psychological service in their own city, the Team will help the patient to find the best practitioners in their place in order to collaborate with them.


Ethical rules


The Clinic for Preventive Health is committed to the ethical norms of the Spanish Official Psychological Association and the Spanish Official Medical Association.  The Clinic is very strict concerning confidentiality and data protection, complying and going beyond the current national and European regulations on data protection.   A goal of the Clinic is to transfer the health information and knowledge to the person in order for them to have the full power of their decisions on all matters regarding their health.


All clinical personnel of the Clinic with access to confidential data sign a commitment letter not to reveal any confidential information out of the Clinic.


Research and Innovation


The Clinic and all its professionals are committed to the progress of science. The Clinic was born as an applied area of the International Programme on Research and Innovation on Preventive Health (Prev&Health).  This allows the Clinic to have an international network of health experts, researches and institutions leaders in their fields and available for medical advice.   It also facilitates to provide the latest evidence-based ground-breaking practices.  To contribute to this goal, the Clinic is involved in several research and innovation project.  Besides, the clinic is also committed to scientifically research and evaluate the effectiveness of their services.   To do so, patients are asked to provide their informed, expressed consent to use health data only for research purposes.  The Clinic will guarantee that the data is anonymously processed, deleting all information that might identify the person. Only the clinical personnel will process the data, whom have signed a commitment to keep any information confidential.

Clinic for Preventive Health

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