The traditional health treatment is grounded on the acknowledgement of a failure of health care: Health services start working once an illness is already present and detected.  This way, the health system is “reactive”, going always behind the illness.  The illness leads the game.  We cannot properly talk about “health system” because it does not work health but illness.  In the traditional medicine, health is only taken care of when the person is ill.  Health care and treatment is understood as the dominion of health professionals and centres, and the person rely health care to them.


Nowadays with the developments in prediction tools, telemedicine, and community-based health, we may foresee a new horizon in health care.  We are more and more capable of conducting predictive diagnosis, monitoring health indices in the patient´s natural context, and enhancing formal (institutional and professional) and informal (personal and social) resources where the patient has them most available, in their own home and community.    This way, we are ready to effectively focus on health, working on preventing disorders before they develop, strengthening and promoting health based on our own personal potentials and social resources, and allowing patients to live their own life where they are happy, free and independent.


We use the concept of health as the one by the World Health Organization: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Working health is not just trying to fix a “gear” in our “machine” but to protect and strengthen the system of interrelated functions of our organism, but most important, to reach, protect, and promote the person in their environments.  

We promote our health when we are able to progress in the integration of our social and physical environments and ourselves. A sustainable health by promoting a sustainable environment.

The Clinic



Our aim is to contribute to bring health prevention and promotion as the main approach by health services and practitioners.  Our goal is to place the centre of gravity in the own persons, by empowering them and their communities, taking the lead of their own health. Our target is the person and the main tool is his/her personal and social growth.


We do so by studying and bringing the latest evidence-based, scientific predicting and preventive health practices worldwide.  We will strive to be always at the international lead on research, development and innovation on preventive and community health.

Our main goal: To reach the person.


Clinical team


The clinic is based on an interdisciplinary team of 3 psychologists, one physiotherapist, and 1 medical doctor, all of them specialised in preventive health, with the following specialties:


· A medical doctor specialized on preventive diagnoses and treatments;

· A psychologist specialised on elderly health;

· A psychologist specialised on children;

· A psychologist specialist on family and social relations;

· A physiotherapist specialised on corporal preventive treatments.


The Clinical Team works together to provide integrated health services to the costumers.  Also, the Clinic has an international network of experts from many medical fields available to provide extra advice to different diagnoses and treatments.  Besides, the Team usually works together with the health professionals and institutions, and with the social support of the patient, always with the patient´s previous authorization.

Clinic spaces and tools


The Clinic keeps a cozy and intimate environment where persons and families feel confortable, “at home”.  It includes the following spaces:

· The Individual Consulting Room,

· The Group&Familiy Consulting Room

· Waiting room

· A Training&Playing Room


The clinic includes the latest tools for psychological and physiological testing, including a large set of standarized psychological tests and a physiological polygraph.



C/ Cisneros 64 , Santander 39007 Spain

Tel. + 34 942790319 / E-mail:

International partnerships and collaboration network

The basic work framework of the Clinic for Preventive Health is an international network of researchers and medical experts around the world.  Based on the latest health governance approaches, the Clinic also promotes the collaboration among health and social institutions to allow integrating services in the relationship with the patients and their communities.  The Clinic offers a support in managing the coordination of formal and informal resources to our customers, keeping a close relationship with those health and social organizations to facilitate an integrated management of their services centred in the customer and their communities. 


Universidad de Jaen (UJAEN)                                                                                          Spain

Medizinische Universität Graz (MUG)                                                                         Austria

Linnaeus University (LNU)                                                                                         Sweden

AidPlusCare (APC)                                                                                                     Greece

Flemish Institute of Technological Research (VITO)                                                    Belgium

Leeds Beckett University (LBU)                                                                                  United Kingdom

3DATOS                                                                                                                     Spain

Biovotion                                                                                                                    Austria

Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII)                                                                            Spain

Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri (FSM)                                                                          Italy

Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos (VUHSK)                                       Lithuania

“Sotiria” General Chest Diseases Hospital of Athens (SOTIRIA)                              Greece

Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem (ELTE)                                                                   Hungary

Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid)                                                                               Spain

Servicios de Salud de Andalucía (USMC)                                                                    Spain

CSV                                                                                                                           UK

“Nowadays prevention is the intelligent health”

Miguel Ángel Gandarillas

Director of the Clinic for Preventive Health

The house also includes accommodations and a garden available to the customers.

The Director of the Clinic is Miguel Ángel Gandarillas, PhD. in Health Psychology, and with a large background in psychosocial research and community health, developed in several universities of Spain, USA, Netherlands, and Brazil.  

R+i on Preventive Health International Programme


The Clinic promotes an international network of researchers and experts working on preventive health through the Research + Innovation Preventive Health Programme (Prev&Health).  Good examples of prestigious organizations collaborating with the Clinic and with InNODS in health research and innovation projects are as follows:

Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64, Santander 39007 Spain


Tel. + 34 942790319 / + 34 626125229