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The Clinic for Preventive Health offers Personalized Health Plans for individuals and families, including integrated services, with complete predicting diagnoses and related treatments such as psychotherapy, psychoeducational orientation, corporal therapies, psycho-social family advising, and management plans to enhance the collaboration among the formal and informal resources of the user and their family.  

Clinic for

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The Clinic has its own accommodations in a comfortable traditional house, located in the centre of Santander, for the patients and families, who will be able to enjoy the pleasures of the city, its beaches, and the beautiful mountain valleys and forest of the region.

The present technological revolution in health care is compelling people in all countries to change our mentality about the meaning of health and how to relate with it.  With the new developments in telemedicine and in preventive health it will be possible to effectively predict and prevent many possible disorders in our natural context.   This will bring us large improvements for a healthier and longer active life, quality of life and wellbeing.


The Clinic for Preventive Health (Prev&Health Clinic) is the clinical space of the International Research, Development, and Innovation Programme on Preventive Health, managed by InNODS and composed by a ground-breaking international network of experts in predictive and preventive health.  The Clinic implements the latest and best evidence-based treatments in health prediction and prevention.

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Clinic for Preventive Health

C/ Cisneros 64, Santander 39007 Spain


Tel. + 34 942790319 / + 34 626125229

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